Walkerbrickandstone Construction Co.
*Safety control for your project. 
*Construction managing.
* New construction or remodeling.
*fireplaces and mailboxes.
*patios, sidewalks, outdoor BBQs.
*interior thin brick or stone.
*design and consulting.
*custom tile work.
 *masonry repairs and re-mortaring.
*concrete flat work tear out and replace.
* masonry restoring/cleaning and sealing.
*graffiti removal.
*stucco repairs/new construction.
*concrete block construction.
*dry-stack concrete retaining walls/pavers.
*Theft prof masonry mailboxes with locking doors.
*landscaping stones/waterfalls and walkways.
*masonry supplies and materails.
*Contractor Scheduling/ Quality Control.
*Masonry Inspections. 
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